Cardiotocography (CTG)

Cardiotocography is an analysis that measures the heartbeat of the foetus and the contractions of the uterus. In order for the analysis to be successful, the heartbeats and the contractions have to be measured for at least 20 minutes. During pregnancy we perform the analysis only when necessary, during delivery it’s carried out regularly (every 2 hours).

CTG is necessary if:

  • the foetus is smaller than usual/you can’t feel the foetus move,
  • growth retardation of the foetus has occurred (it is smaller than normal),
  • your due date has passed (the baby is overdue),
  • other reasons

The heart rate of an unborn foetus is around 110-150 beats per minute. It is subject to change when the baby is asleep or moving.

CTG is performed at the functional diagnostics room at the pre-delivery department on weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM. If you need a CTG at some other time, please turn to the reception of birth-givers, where a midwife will perform the analysis.

CTG is performed on the basis of first come, first served, in-patient pregnant women may be given priority. This means that when coming in for a CTG you should have patience and time to spare.