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Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:
COVID-19 information

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of our patients and hospital staff, please abide by the following instructions.



pcr test

All patients admitted to hospital will be tested for COVID-19

COVID-19 tests will be performed at East Tallinn Central Hospital for all patients admitted for pre-scheduled hospital treatment. Testing includes all hospitalised inpatients as well as outpatient surgery and day care patients. Patients coming for a regular outpatient visit will not be tested.

Thomas Zimmerer

Doctor of the year for 2021 is Dr Thomas Zimmerer

The most outstanding employees were recognised at East Tallinn Central Hospital’s traditional end-of-year thanksgiving ceremony. During the 17th annual Employee of the Year competition, gastroenterologist–chief physician Dr Thomas Zimmerer was awarded the title of Doctor of the Year.