One-Day Cardiac Checkup

The One-Day Cardiac Checkup consists of following examinations:

  • Hemogram with 5-part leukocyte differential – provides an overview of the hematopoietic and immune system, indicates the ability to transport oxygen in blood, allows to diagnose and monitor anemia and inflammation
  • Glycohemoglobin – assesses higher risk of developing diabetes
  • Glucose or blood sugar– high values of glucose may indicate diabetes
  • HDL, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides - assess the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
  • ALAT or alanine aminotransferase - assess the occurrence of liver damage
  • ASAT or aspartate transferase – helps to diagnose liver and heart disease
  • Potassium – helps to diagnose fluid and acid-alcaline balance
  • Sodium - helps to diagnose fluid and acid-alcaline balance
  • TSH or  thyroid stimulating hormone - evaluates thyroid function
  • CRP or C-reactive protein - sensitive inflammatory marker
  • ECG or electrocardiogram – provides information about heart stroke rate and rhythm disorders
  • Echocardiography - ultrasound to assess heart condition
  • Stress test - assesses heart stress tolerance*
  • X-ray – observes condition of lungs (with referral of the checkup doctor)
  • Cardiologist consultation to assess the current health situation and to provide further recommendations for health improvement

*A stress test conducted by a medical institution difference from the one done at sports clubs. We don’t evaluate your physical availability, but the functioning of your cardiac blood supply while making a physical effort.

On any health problems you have, you can also attend a consultation with a specialist of your choosing and, if necessary, undergo relevant testing as part of your overall checkup. The cost of this consultation and testing will be added to the price of your package. 

The price of the checkup is 600 EUR and can be paid the same day in cash or via bank card. 

If you have any questions concerning the complete health checkup – do not hesitate to contact our representative:

  • e-mail health [at] (health[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • phone +372606 7555 or +372 5400 5849

Your phone calls will be answered from Mo–Fr at 8.00 (AM)–16.30 (PM) EET. For phone calls that have been made later than 16.30 (PM) callbacks will be made in the morning the next working day.

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