For Ukrainian war refugees

Immediate medical care to war refugees

Tallinn Central Hospital offers immediate or inevitable medical care to war refugees. The expenses for the treatment of military refugees are covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. A patient with health insurance must pay a visit fee of 5 euros.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Ravi tn 18, Tallinn ( ambulance station)

Call +372 666 1900

  • Pregnancy and gynecology 24/7

Ravi Tn 18, Tallinn (maternity house)

Call +372 5308 0874

  • Register pregnancy (Monday to Friday 7.15-18.00)

Call 666 1900 or ask for information at rasedus@itk.

  • Pregnancy crisis counselling (Mon-Fri 09:00-21:00). Telephone: 800 2008

The pregnancy crisis counsellors at the Väärtustades Elu (SAVE) Foundation provide initial support and information via telephone conversation and identify opportunities for further assistance in a situation of crisis. If necessary, recommendations are given to turn to different specialists. Counselling is confidential and takes place in Estonian, Russian and English. The service is free of charge. More information about pregnancy crisis counselling options and services is available at