Offices and services

Customer Service

  • Lea Karik, Head of Customer Service, tel. 620 7980lea.karik [at] (lea[dot]karik[at]itk[dot]ee)

Hospital Pharmacy

  • Ülle Helena Meren, Head of Pharmacy, tel. 606 7505ulle.meren [at] (ulle[dot]meren[at]itk[dot]ee)

Infection Control Service

  • Aleksei Nelovkov, Head of Department, tel. 620 7418aleksei.nelovkov [at] (aleksei[dot]nelovkov[at]itk[dot]ee)

Administrative Service

Office of Administration

  • Varje Pohlasalu, Head Administrator, tel. 620 7007varje.pohlasalu [at] (varje[dot]pohlasalu[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Ere-Piret Põllusmaa, Executive Assistant, tel. 620 7000ere-piret.pollusmaa [at] (ere-piret[dot]pollusmaa[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Office of Administration at Ravi unit, tel. 620 7959, info [at] (info[at]itk[dot]ee)

Communications and Marketing Department

  • Inge Suder, Head of Department, tel. 620 7415inge.suder [at] (inge[dot]suder[at]itk[dot]ee)

Quality Department

  • Agris Koppel, Head of Department, tel. 511 8017, agris.koppel [at]

Safety and Sustainability Department

  • Marek Leinemann, Head of Department, Marek.Leinemann [at] (marek[dot]leinemann[at]itk[dot]ee) 

Treatment Analysis Department

  • Kaie Mõtte, Head of Department, tel. 5886 4538kaie.motte [at] (kaie[dot]motte[at]itk[dot]ee)

Legal and Procurement Department

  • Andres Õige, Head of Department, tel. 503 7283, andres.oige [at] (andres[dot]oige[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Diana Ošur, Procurement Manager, tel. 5665 2898, diana.osur [at] (diana[dot]osur[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Ulvi Malmet, Public Procurement Specialist, tel. 620 7432ulvi.malmet [at] (ulvi[dot]malmet[at]itk[dot]ee )
  • Marika Žmenja, Lawyer, tel. 620 7012marika.zmenja [at] (marika[dot]zmenja[at]itk[dot]ee)

Financial Service

  • Kersti Reinsalu, Head of Financial Services, tel. 620 7928, kersti.reinsalu [at] (kersti[dot]reinsalu[at]itk[dot]ee)

Management Accounting Department

  • Dagny Limbrick, Financial Analyst, tel. 620 7452, dagny.limbrick [at] (dagny[dot]limbrick[at]itk[dot]ee)

Accounting Department

  • Piret Kukrus, Chief Accountant, tel. 620 7440, piret.kukrus [at] (piret[dot]kukrus[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Margot Väät, Chief Accountant deputy, tel. 620 7446, margot.vaat [at] (margot[dot]vaat[at]itk[dot]ee)

Management Service

  • Lea Endrikson, Head of Administrative Services and Facilities Management, tel. 5885 6669lea.endrikson [at] (lea[dot]endrikson[at]itk[dot]ee)

Maintenance Department

  • Andrus Utsar, Maintenance Manager (Ravi, Tõnismäe units), tel. 620 7021valdur.tamela [at] (a)ndrus.utsar [at]
  • Marju Kannistu, Maintenance Manager (Magdaleena, Järve units), tel. 606 7506, marju.kannistu [at]

Engineering and Construction Systems Department

  • Janno Kivistik, Head of Department, tel. 620 7422janno.kivistik [at]
  • Valvo Vooremaa, Construction Manager, tel. 620 7046valvo.vooremaa [at] (valvo[dot]vooremaa[at]itk[dot]ee)

Central Warehouse

  • Eda Peterson, Head of Central Warehouse, tel. 620 7449eda.peterson [at] (eda[dot]peterson[at]itk[dot]ee )
  • Liis Rohlin, Medical Supplies Purchaser, tel. 620 7950liis.rohlin [at] (liis[dot]rohlin[at]itk[dot]ee )
  • Irene Kurtna, Medical Supplies Purchaser, tel. 620 7454irene.kurtna [at] (irene[dot]kurtna[at]itk[dot]ee) 
  • Central Warehouse at Ravi 18, receipt of goods, tel. 620 7028 
  • Central Warehouse at Pärnu mnt 104, receipt of goods at Magdaleena, tel. 5635 3354 

Laundry Department

  • Olga Bocharnikova, Head of Laundry Services, tel. 5696 9384, olga.bocharnikova [at] (olga[dot]bocharnikova[at]itk[dot]ee)

Janitorial Services Department

  • Tiina Laarmaa, Head of Janitorial Services, tel. 5335 8615, tiina.laarmaa [at] (tiina[dot]laarmaa[at]itk[dot]ee)

Catering Department

  • Katrin Sinivee, Head of Food Service, tel. 5194 7286, katrin.sinivee [at] (katrin[dot]sinivee[at]itk[dot]ee)

Transport and Operations Management Department

  • Lauri Abel, Head of Transport and Operations Management Department, tel. 5345 4183, lauri.abel [at] (lauri[dot]abel[at]itk[dot]ee)

Information and Medical Technology Service

IT Department

  • Raul Veeber, Head of Department, tel. 620 7407raul.veeber [at] (raul[dot]veeber[at]itk[dot]ee)

Information Systems Development Department

Medical Equipment Department

  • Uku Kaljund, Head of Department, tel. 5860 6548uku.kaljund [at] (uku[dot]kaljund[at]itk[dot]ee)

Human Resources Service  

  • Helen Utsar, Head of Human Resources Service, tel. 606 7769helen.utsar [at] (helen[dot]utsar[at]itk[dot]ee)

Training Department

  • Katrin Tiivel, Head of Department, katrin.tiivel [at] (katrin[dot]tiivel[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Anne Räsu, Development Specialist, tel. 606 7806anne.rasu [at] (anne[dot]rasu[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Joel Lumpre, Development Specialist, joel.lumpre [at] (joel[dot]lumpre[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Birgit Mühlbach, Training Specialist, tel. 606 7733birgit.muhlbach [at] (birgit[dot]muhlbach[at]itk[dot]ee)

Human Resources Department

  • Gisela Uuehendrik, Recruitment Specialist, tel 5886 8275, gisela.uuehendrik [at] (gisela[dot]uuehendrik[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • Marilis Naumov, Residency and Practice Coordinator, marilis.naumov [at] (marilis[dot]naumov[at]itk[dot]ee)

Research Department

  • Peeter Ross, Head of Department, tel 606 7602, peeter.ross [at]
  • Helje Talivee-Toom, Specialist, tel 606 7602, helje.talivee-toom [at] (helje[dot]talivee-toom[at]itk[dot]ee)

Internal Control

  • Reet Kontkar, Internal Control Officer, tel. 606 7761reet.kontkar [at] (reet[dot]kontkar[at]itk[dot]ee)

Data Protection

  • andmekaitse [at]