Paid test panels and lab tests

Our Central Laboratory offers the possibility to order paid test panels or single tests without a doctor's referral. You can save time and avoid waiting for a doctor's appointment to obtain the referral if your health problem requires a fast solution.

Our test panels combine several tests to offer an easy and simple way to provide an overview of your general health condition based on the most relevant indicators.

Services we offer for health assessment

The analyses included in this panel (hemogram, blood glucose, creatinine, C-reactive protein, GGT, ALAT, cholesterol, TSH, urine analysis) provide an initial assessment of metabolism, haematopoiesis, liver, kidney and urinary tract status and the presence of inflammation. The results include a written explanation by the laboratory doctor.

The test panel with a consultation with the lab doctor helps detect hidden health risks, and the interpretation of the results will be discussed with the lab doctor. The panel includes the following tests: hemogram, blood glucose, creatinine, CRP, GGT, ALAT, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, TSH, urine analysis, occult blood in faeces, vitamin D. Your tests results will be explained in detail by a lab doctor, who will explain the implications for you and give further recommendations.

Test panel ordering and additional information is available from Account Manager Vilve Ainson:

  • by e-mail vilve.ainson [at] (vilve[dot]ainson[at]itk[dot]ee)
  • by phone: (+372) 5400 5849

We answer your calls from Monday to Friday 08:00-16:30. We will get back to people who have called us outside working hours during the morning of next working day.

Additionally, we offer the possibility to order single paid tests and combined diagnostic tests without a doctor's referral. We recommend a consultation with our lab doctor before ordering your tests.

Giving samples

You can give your samples at the Ravi street, Magdaleena and Tõnismäe sample collection sites without prior registration.

Payment for singe test(s) and combined diagnostic tests can be done in the hospital either with cash or by card, on the iPatsient portal or, in exceptional cases, we can issue an invoice. Upon payment of an invoice via bank transfer, please indicate the invoice number and patient's name under payment details. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the patient will receive a reminder and if the payment has not been received within 30 days, the unpaid invoice will be forwarded to a collection agency.

Lab test results

  • The test results will be ready by the time indicated on the test order form from the time the sample was given (specified at the sampling site).
  • Test results are available after fulfilling the order on the Estonian Central Health Information System (Personal Digital History, in Estonian digilugu).
  • Contact the reception desk of the Ravi street, Magdaleena or Tõnismäe unit sample collection site, whichever is closest to you, to receive test results on paper.

You can order a paid consultation with a lab doctor, if necessary.