Social counselling

The social worker of East Tallinn Central Hospital counsels and supports patients and their loved ones and, if necessary, the patient’s support network on social issues during their hospital stay. The social worker helps to analyse the patient’s social situation and assists them as much as possible in solving problems to ensure maximum independence after discharge. 

The social worker offers counselling and support only for hospitalised patients. The treating physician or nurse at the hospital will determine the need for this service. If you have any questions and/or need counselling on social issues, be sure to notify your treating physician or nurse.

Hospital social worker shares information on:

  • legislation on social welfare;
  • services/benefits offered by the state and local government and how to apply for them;
  • gaining health insurance;
  • care services (home nursing, nursing care).

Counselling and assistance with regard to:

  • difficulties and problems related to the patient’s illness or special need (e.g. financial situation, lack of housing, work problems, domestic violence) during hospitalisation and after discharge if there are options available;
  • finding services and benefits for the patient’s needs and related affairs (e.g. applying for and completing documentation);
  • organising the patient’s return home (e.g. arranging the necessary social services to make sure the patient continues to manage at home, information on paid transport services);
  • organising emergency medical care (e.g. in finding lodgings/shelter and or clothing assistance).

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