Useful information

Getting your test results by phone

If you scheduled a phone call with your doctor or nurse to receive your test results, please make sure that you call on time. Otherwise your doctor or nurse may be busy with other patients and unable to answer your phone call.

Test results on paper are issued based on your application. An application can be filled online on the hospital website or written by hand and left at the reception desks of East Tallinn Central Hospital.

Doctor's phone number

To contact your doctor by phone, please call the central number (+372) 666 1900 and you will be connected to your doctor's office during appointment hours. Please keep in mind that if your doctor or nurse is occupied with other patients, they may not be able to answer your call. Phone numbers of specific departments are shown on our website under Contacts.

Patients making repeat visits

If your doctor needs to call you back for a follow-up appointment, they have the option to schedule a repeat appointment. If your doctor directed you to schedule a new appointment through the reception desk, you will be added to the general waiting list as a first-time patient.

In the event of a follow-up appointment with the same doctor in cases where more than 90 days have passed since payment of the last appointment fee, 5 euros must be paid again as a new appointment fee.

East Tallinn Central Hospital is a smoke-free hospital

Everybody's health matters and we want to protect hospital employees, patients and visitors against passive smoking. We inform you that smoking is prohibited in the rooms and on the territory of the hospital. As a smoke-free and health-promoting institution, we ask for your collaboration in caring about your own health and that of others.

Patient transport

If your treatment in hospital has finished and you (or your relative) need a wheelchair or stretcher transport to return to your home or residence, there are several paid options available to organise transportation. East Tallinn Central Hospital itself does not provide transportation services.

Transportation service providers:

Tallinn Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) offers ordered transportation on working days 09:00-17:00. Phone: (+372) 697 1145

Kaljo Kaasik, self-employed driver offers wheelchair or stretcher transportation service during the daytime. Phone: (+372) 5635 3386, kaljo.kaasik [at]

Medservice OÜ offers 24-hour wheelchair or stretcher transportation services. Phone: (+372) 5684 3333, info [at]

If you book transportation, please inform the service provider of the following aspects:

  • the patient's weight
  • the required method of transport: wheelchair or stretcher
  • the need for supplemental oxygen administration
  • the exact route of transport, transportation time, including which floor, etc.

Photography and video recording

Please be aware that it is not permitted to take photos or make video recordings of any of the staff members of East Tallinn Central Hospital.

General terms & conditions of provision of healthcare services

  • The general terms and conditions for the provision of healthcare services are available HERE.

Data protection

  • You can read the data protection conditions of East Tallinn Central Hospital HERE.