Natural childbirth

The course of natural childbirth is not interfered with, but the woman’s wishes and intuition are taken into consideration.

The ability given to a woman by nature to give birth is extraordinary. By preparing yourself physically and mentally during pregnancy, you create the prerequisites for a positive birth experience for both yourself and the baby. If you wish to have a natural birth, we follow the principles of physiological or natural birth and do not interfere with the course of the birth.

We recommend that you consider your expectations regarding the upcoming birth early on and write them down in the birth plan together with a support person. The midwife assisting you during childbirth will get to know them and take them into account, being supportive and encouraging.

In the event of a normal and natural delivery, you and your newborn will have the opportunity to leave the maternity hospital six (6) hours after birth – the paediatrician decides whether you will go home. We offer a postnatal home visit by a midwife for families who have left for home early.

If you want to prepare your delivery plan and give birth according to the principles of natural childbirth, we recommend that you visit our lecture on active childbirth, participate in the preparatory exercise-discussion circle for natural childbirth, and ask for additional information from the midwife with whom your pregnancy has been registered.

Skin-to-skin contact

We perform skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth for all term babies born in good condition, including children born by planned caesarean section.

What is skin-to-skin contact?

Skin-to-skin contact means that the baby is placed naked against the mother’s or father’s chest immediately after birth.

Skin-to-skin contact is necessary because it:

  • helps keep the newborn’s body temperature stable (prevents hypothermia in the newborn)
  • reduces postpartum stress for both the mother and the newborn
  • helps keep the newborn’s blood sugar level higher
  • helps the child’s body adapt to the same bacteria as the mother
  • a newborn who has been in skin-to-skin contact for at least one (1) hour has better success in beginning to suckle, often doing so without external help
  • ensures greater emotional satisfaction for both mother and newborn
  • helps increase self-confidence and the development of trust in both the mother and the newborn
  • creates a stronger mother-child bond