Emergency reception for pregnant women

With an emergency problem during pregnancy you may turn to the emergency room at the women’s clinic (reception of birth givers), where the midwife and doctor on duty will help you. The emergency reception at the women’s clinic is open round the clock.

You should immediately get to the hospital if:

  • you can’t feel the foetus move or it moves less than usual,
  • you are bleeding from your vagina (more than during regular menstruation),
  • your water broke or you suspect that it broke and you have been pregnant for less than 37 weeks,
  • you have regular painful contractions and have been pregnant for less than 34 weeks,
  • you are very short of breath and feeling lack of air not related to physical strain and resting does not help,
  • you have high blood pressure (preeclampsia)
  • you have strong headache, dizziness, nausea and pain in upper abdomen.

If the ailment you are having is not listed and you are still worried about your condition, you can consult with the midwife on duty via telephone 5308 0874

The hospital does not issue personal identification codes for children born during a home birth. We only issue a personal identification code if we have provided obstetrical care at the hospital.