Appointment with a midwife during pregnancy planning

Pregnancy planning counselling is a free service offered by the Women’s Clinic, where women planning to become pregnant are welcome, both alone and with their partner.

Topics and questions related to pregnancy planning are discussed at the appointment. During counselling, we talk about the importance of a healthy lifestyle: how to eat, what kind of exercise to do, what not to do, vitamins that a woman planning to become pregnant could take in advance. We will explain which everyday home pharmacy medicines are allowed for a woman planning a pregnancy and which would be better to avoid, etc.

In addition, we perform tests that are usually necessary in the early stages of pregnancy.

You can also get help and advice on more complicated topics, such as questions about chronic diseases that can have an effect on conception and pregnancy. If necessary, we will refer you for further examinations and/or an appointment with a specialist.

The midwives of our Maternity Counselling Centre make the appointments.

You do not need a referral to come to an appointment. The service is free.

Appointments can be booked:

  • by phone at 666 1900, Mon–Fri from 7:15–18:00
  • on site at the registration desk