A miracle of nature: Quadruplets born in the Maternity Ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital


On Children’s Day, 1 June, quadruplets were born in the Maternity Ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital, the second time this century and in the hospital’s history that four babies are born to one young family at the same time.

Lilled perele

Three little boys and one girl came into the world this afternoon and are growing under the close attention of the paediatricians of East Tallinn Central Hospital’s Maternity Ward.

The babies were delivered by obstetrician Dr Ferenc Szirko, Head of East Tallinn Central Hospital’s perinatal centre, who monitored the development of the quadruplets throughout the pregnancy. “The babies were born prematurely but with good indicators, their weights ranging from 1.4 to 1.8 kg,” said Dr Szirko.

The children’s mother, Irina, is feeling well and the family is happy about the birth of their children. “The children are healthy, which is the main thing,” says the father, Grigori. “Three of the children have names, but one boy’s name is still missing.” The family is from Ida-Virumaa but lives in Tallinn. They have had two children before.

“Big thanks to the Neonatology Department of East Tallinn Central Hospital and the midwives and obstetricians for their excellent teamwork, which allows us to help families and newborns to the maximum extent possible,” says Dr Szirko. “This is particularly important in cases of multiple pregnancies.”

Estonia’s first quadruplets of this century were born at East Tallinn Central Hospital in 2017. Today’s new parents of quadruplets have communicated with the parents of the quadruplets Loore, Luise, Leene and Lagle and received encouragement from them.

In 2022, a total of 3293 babies were born at East Tallinn Central Hospital, including 58 pairs of twins. No triplets were born last year.