East Tallinn Central Hospital is now providing contraceptive counselling to women over 26 years of age


Contraceptive counselling is well regulated in Estonia for those up to 26 years of age, for whom the Youth Cabinets have been set up. The Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital was the first to launch a similar counselling service for women over 26 years of age who want to get advice on the use of contraceptives.


“Especially if the patient has concomitant chronic illnesses and uses medicines daily – in such a case, the medicines must be reviewed and the best contraceptive method that suits the woman should be determined based on them,” Triin Rootalu, midwife at the Maternity Counselling Centre of the Perinatal Centre of East Tallinn Central Hospital’s Women’s Clinic, explains the reasons behind raising the age limit for the contraceptive counselling service.

“The role of a counsellor is very important in this context, as the counsellor helps to determine and choose a contraceptive method based on the patient’s needs and wishes, taking into account her age, health status and lifestyle. The counselling service is also available for patients who want to get a repeat prescription or want to stop using their current contraceptive and discuss other methods that might be suitable. To get the advice, there is no need to necessarily get a gynaecologist’s appointment, where the queues are long. Consulting with a specialist midwife will do,” Rootalu adds.

Midwife Rootalu from East Tallinn Central Hospital admits that, regrettably, patients between the ages of 27 and 44 do not visit the Women’s Clinic for counselling that often. However, the advice they have previously been given at a Youth Cabinet may no longer be appropriate for them for various reasons. “Contraception is definitely not something that should be abandoned just because of age, if one does not want to become pregnant. I encourage all women to discuss going off contraception and preparing for pregnancy with their midwife,” she says.

Appointments can be made by calling 666 1900 or on the website The Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital offers women trustworthy and professional help in taking care of their health. The clinic welcomes patients for counselling and regular checkups, and in case of various gynaecological issues.