Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Infertility treatment andrologist's appointment

In the examination of infertility, the aim is to identify the reason behind the infertility and, consequently, to find the most appropriate and effective individual treatment method.

Infertility treatment doctor:

  • carries out various tests and analyses,
  • refers the patient to further tests, if necessary,
  • prepares a specific individual treatment plan,
  • carries out an infertility treatment suitable for you and/or your partner,
  • in case of indications, refers you to a consultation with a geneticist.

Please Note! A referral letter from a general practitioner or a specialist is necessary for an appointment with a andrologist!

Appointments can be booked:

  • ITK patient portal iPatsient 
  • the national digital register 
  • by phone 666 1900 Mon-Fri 7:15-18:00
  • at the reception

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Aleksander Trošin
Aleksander Trošin
Laboriarst - Chief Physician
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment
Kristjan Pomm
Kristjan Pomm
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment