Oxidative stress test from seminal fluid

The oxidative stress test (MiOXSYS) is performed on seminal fluid. The semen sample required for the test can be collected at the Centre for Infertility Treatment, in a private room provided for that purpose.

The test is performed using the MiOXSYS analyser. The oxidative stress test measures the static oxidation-reduction potential (sORP) of semen. Disturbances in the normal redox (reduction-oxidation) state of cells can create toxic effects, including protein oxidation and DNA fragmentation.

To perform the test, a small amount of seminal fluid (30 µl) is loaded onto the sample port and inserted into the MiOXSYS analyser. The measurement takes 2-3 minutes. High levels of oxidative stress indicate inflammatory processes in the genital tract. By assessing the test results, the doctor is able to determine necessary treatment and select the most appropriate fertilisation method.