Counselling for women/couples needing infertility treatment

We are waiting for you at the counselling of women/couples requiring infertility treatment after the confirmation of your infertility and the determination of the treatment method. You can also come if you wish to find out more about infertility treatment and aspects related to it. Counselling is free for patients with health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, we offer paid counselling.

Counselling is provided by a midwife who has undergone special training and who:

  • introduces the nature of infertility treatment,
  • explains the preparation for the procedures,
  • teaches injection techniques and the usage of syringes,
  • introduces the content of the contracts and assists with filling it out,
  • helps to fill in the patient's consent form,
  • explains the biological and medical nature of artificial insemination,
  • informs you about the risks related to artificial insemination (medical risks, including genetic risks and the higher incidence of multiple births in the case of artificial insemination),
  • informs you about the factors affecting the success of artificial insemination,
  • explains the nature of different methods of artificial insemination and the indications for using them,
  • informs you about the legal documents associated with artificial insemination and embryo tests, and the compensation of the expenses related to the procedures;
  • the midwife also gives recommendations for coping with the artificial insemination procedure, both before and after.

You do not need a referral letter for the appointment of a midwife.


Laura Ong portree
Laura Ong
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment


Merily Kalm portree
Merily Kalm
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment
Darja Valge portree
Darja Valge
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment
Ruth Essi
Ruth Essi
Midwife, head of midwifery
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment