New Ultrasound Machine Considerably Quickens the Diagnostics for Newborns


“In neonatal intensive care, the diagnoses may change rapidly. There are many reasons for that, and therefore, the speed of initial stabilisation and treatment depend on quick diagnostics, which may save lives,” said Dr. Pille Andresson, the Head of the East Tallinn Central Hospital neonatology department, adding that they have been dreaming of the ultrasound machine for a long time.

Uus ultraheliaparaat neonatoloogias

“The need for an ultrasound is pivotal in neonatal medicine. The new portative machine is quick, easy to use and makes high-quality images, therefore giving us maximum information.” So far, we have cooperated with the radiology department concerning ultrasound diagnostics, we did not have an ultrasound system at our department. Now, the radiologists do not have to transport their equipment to the Maternity Hospital anymore. The new ultrasound system enables the doctors to diagnose everything on spot, and quickly solve time-critical situations. “The new equipment enables us to scan the baby’s head, stomach, heart, and intestines – all the organs of the human body. Every neonatologist can read the findings of acute situations, but we certainly have a lot to learn, because we are not radiologists but specialists in our own field. We can use the system in critical situations and other specialists can use it for conducting their scheduled tasks at our department,“ explained Dr. Andresson. “Radiologists visit our department twice a week for making scheduled scans. However, when I have a night shift and, for example, there is a rapid worsening of heart function – e.g. drop in heart rate, I do not have time to call/wait for a radiologist. There are certain situations that are extremely time-critical and that must be solved fast, this is why we need the new machinery, leading to quick imaging, quick results, quick decisions,“ said Dr. Andresson.