Home nursing

Home nursing is intended for people who require nursing care due to their health condition without requiring inpatient hospital care. The home nursing service includes various nursing procedures which can be performed in the lovely ambience of your own home.

Home nursing is intended for patients who have been discharged from hospital, a family health centre or care institution. The following, among others, qualify for the service:

  • patients suffering from chronic diseases during a flare-up period (skin ulcers, bone and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc.);
  • patients requiring wound care;
  • disabled patients;
  • patients suffering from neurological diseases.

A home care nurse is a nurse with practical work experience who has received specialised training for providing nursing services at the patient’s home.The home care nurse shall prepare a nursing care plan based on the patient’s diagnosis and general conditions.The home care nurse will perform necessary procedures pursuant to the nursing care plan: dress wounds and ulcers, take analyses, administer medication, measure blood pressure, perform treatment for bedsores, teaches posture treatment, etc.Home nursing provides help to the patient’s family and loved ones in need of nursing consultation. We can only provide those services that do not require any special equipment.

The home nursing service of our hospital is intended for residents of Tallinn. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund finances the service on the basis of a referral from a general practitioner or attending physician. The patient shall cover the cost of medications used in providing the home nursing service.

Nursing care is conducted in close cooperation with the patient’s physician and family members, as well as the social worker or caregiver of the city district, if necessary.

Prerequisites for providing the home nursing service

  • The patient does not require hospital treatment but requires nursing due to their health condition.
  • The patient and their family agree to home nursing and are ready for cooperation.
  • The patient’s home environment allows for the provision of required nursing activities, including procedures, and the emotional environment is supportive and facilitative of providing the service at home.
  • The home nurse providing the service and the patient enter into a home nursing contract which gives the home nurse the right to provide the service at the patient’s home.

Registration for the service takes place on the basis of the referral. Please send your referral to the e-mail address oendusabi [at]