Inpatient nursing care

Independent inpatient nursing care is a service for a patient who is in stable condition and does not require constant medical attention, but does require nursing care and medical procedures prescribed by a physician in an extent that exceeds the possibilities of home nursing.In our nursing care departments, we alleviate patient discomforts and provide recommendations on how to cope in the future.

Independent inpatient nursing care might be necessary:

  • after trauma, after having suffered a serious illness, or when the symptoms of a chronic disease have worsened,
  • for relieving discomfort caused by a serious illness.

In the nursing care unit, performing procedures and making decisions over the necessity of these generally falls within the competence of nurses. Physicians consult patients staying in the nursing hospital as required, but not less frequently than once per week. A nurse can always ask for the opinion of a physician when it comes to solving a patient’s health issues.

For patients not covered by health insurance, we offer independent inpatient nursing care for a fee under the same service principles. The cost per bed day of independent inpatient nursing care for patients without health fund insurance is EUR 145,24

The patients are referred to the nursing care department by a family physician or a specialist physician from outpatient or inpatient treatment with a referral.

Cost-sharing of the inpatient fee for a nursing care patient

Based on the “List of Health Services of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund”, the daily inpatient fee for independent inpatient nursing care is EUR 145,24  85% of which is paid by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, therefore, the patient’s own contribution to the inpatient fee for each day of inpatient nursing care is EUR 21,79. The duration of nursing care depends on the need of the patient for inpatient nursing care.

Registration for the service takes place on the basis of the referral. Please send your encrypted referral to the e-mail address oendusabi [at]

For a patient still requiring the help of a nurse after the need for inpatient nursing care ends, we offer the home nursing service.