Anti-gravity treadmill (AlterG)

AlterG has been developed to reduce the impact of gravity on the patient's lower extremities, thus enabling patients suffering from injuries to their lower limbs to start with gait training significantly earlier on in the rehabilitation process.

Benefits of the AlterG treadmill, based on anti-gravity technology:

  • reduced impact of gravity by up to 80% (the force affecting lower limbs can be reduced to 20%);
  • increased mobility, strength and safety in neurological patients;
  • safe reduction of body weight and training at a higher intensity;
  • pain-free training and reduced pressure on joints and muscles;
  • faster recovery after training sessions and competitions;
  • less pain and risk of complications during recovery from injuries to the lower extremities.

The AlterG device was acquired under the Liverwort charity campaign “Pay a Tribute to Veterans”. More information about the Liverwort campaign is available at

The duration of the exercise is up to 30 minutes. The exercise is paid.

Appointments can be booked:

  • by phone  666 1900 Mon-Fri 7:15-18:00
  • at the reception