Appointment with a geneticist

A geneticist deals with an already diagnosed genetic disease or the diagnosing, treatment and counselling of patients suspected of having one.

At the geneticist's appointment, the patient receives information about the diagnosed disease, it is explained to him how the given disease is inherited, what is the recurrence risk in close relatives, what are the testing options for the patient and his close relatives, and what are the treatment options.

Patients suspected of having or having been diagnosed with the following are welcome to an appointment:

  • mental and physical underdevelopment
  • behavioural disorders, autism
  • congenital anomalies
  • suspicion of a hereditary metabolic disease
  • hereditary nerve diseases
  • congenital heart defects
  • hearing loss
  • hereditary eye diseases
  • infertility, recurrent spontaneous abortions
  • neoplastic diseases

A treating physician will refer you to a geneticist’s appointment.


Kairit Joost
Kairit Joost
Clinic of Internal Medicine, Centre for Allergology and Immunology