Colonoscopy for screening for cancer of the large intestine

Similar to colonoscopy, but performed in the course of screening for an early detection of cancer of the large intestine. A faecal occult blood test will be performed beforehand (by a family physician), and if this turns out to be positive, the family physician will refer the patient to a screening colonoscopy.

This procedure is permitted to be performed by endoscopists with a special permit, and it must be noted that every year, only people with a certain year of birth belong to the group of patients being examined. Any polyps found during the study will immediately be removed, if there is no contraindication for doing so. The preparatory medication for the intestine will be issued by the family physician.

Call 620 7077 to register for a colorectal cancer colonoscopy. More information about the examination and counselling are available on the same telephone number Mon-Fri from 12:00-13:00.