Salt therapy

The main indication for salt therapy is chronic airway disease.

It also relieves the symptoms of allergy patients. Salt therapy is suitable for disease prevention. Salt therapy is also indicated for skin disorders.

In the salt chamber, a low-concentration dry NaCl aerosol is used. After inhalation, salt deposits form on the mucous membranes of the airways.

Salt has an expectorating effect, reducing or eliminating the shortness-of-breath. Salt kills bacteria and fungi, but also reduces oedema of airway mucosa. Salt therapy is used for both children and adults.

Regular clothing is worn in the salt therapy chamber. To protect clothes and hair from the salt, disposable gowns and caps can be used. It is recommended to drink water after a salt chamber session. It is recommended that the salt chamber be visited for at least 10 sessions in a row.

Duration: 30 minutes

If you are coming for salt therapy for the first time, it’s recommended that you consult your family doctor beforehand.

The service is paid (in the case of medical indications, it is reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund).

Appointments can be booked:

  • by phone  666 1900 Mon-Fri 7:15-18:00
  • at the reception