Underwater shower massage

Underwater massage with a powerful jet is suitable for muscle problems, limited joint mobility and lymphostasis.

Underwater massage is performed with a hose directed underwater, directing a jet of water with a pressure of 1-3 atmospheres. With the effect of underwater massage, blood circulation improves, the amount of oxygen entering the blood increases and metabolism accelerates. This, in turn, helps cleanse the body of unnecessary residues. The underwater massage is pleasant and has a soft effect. Indications include obesity, muscle weakness, radiculitis, post-traumatic conditions, paralysis, joint diseases and oedema. It is suitable for treating rheumatism, sleep and metabolic disorders, kidney problems, migraines and stress.

Duration: 20 minutes. The service is for a fee.

Please bring swimwear, hygiene items, a towel and shoes with non-slip soles.


Appointments can be booked:

  • ITK patient portal iPatsient 
  • by phone  666 1900 Mon-Fri 7:15-18:00
  • at the reception