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Pregnancy is a special and individual experience for each family, deserving of care and affection

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The aim of the family school of our women’s clinic is to support families on this special journey of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. You’ll find the answers to many of your questions at the family school, such as “Does pregnancy mean eating for two?” or “Does a newborn baby need to drink water?” Our family school offers lectures and exercise classes to suit every family’s needs. You can attend the lectures alone or with your birth partner (spouse, partner, relative, friend), who is always welcome to our family school. The lectures and exercise classes are subject to a fee, but you do not have to pay extra for your partner. Lectures such as “Breastfeeding”, “Tour of the delivery department” and “Vaccination – a healthier future for our children” are free of charge for everyone. In addition to in-person lectures and exercise classes, our family school program also includes a selection of online lectures.


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Patient portal
You can easily manage your bookings and cancellations in the patient portal iPatsient or by calling 666 1900 on weekdays. A lecture booking must be cancelled no later than by 12:00 on the weekday day preceding the lecture


Patient portal
A family school lecture at the clinic: you can pay at the reception desk before the lecture starts, or in the patient portal iPatsient.
Online classes: you can pay in the patient portal iPatsient or based on your registration form with an invoice 24 hrs before the class.


Locations of units
Ravi Street Unit, B block – Ravi 18, first floor
Magdaleena Health Centre – Pärnu mnt 104, first floor
Järve Unit – Tervise 8 / Energia 8, first floor


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