Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

All patients admitted to hospital will be tested for COVID-19

pcr test

COVID-19 tests will be performed at East Tallinn Central Hospital for all patients admitted for pre-scheduled hospital treatment. Testing includes all hospitalised inpatients as well as outpatient surgery and day care patients. Patients coming for a regular outpatient visit will not be tested.

COVID pre-testing takes place in container A2 next to the A building on Ravi Street. Testing is performed using the PCR method with a sample from the nasopharynx. If the COVID test comes back positive, the patient will be notified. If the test is negative, the patient will not be individually notified.

We also accept PCR tests performed in other institutions on the condition that the test has been performed less than 48 hours ago and the result is visible on Digilugu.

All patients who need testing will be contacted to arrange a time. Patients who have suffered from COVID-19 in the last three months do not have to take a test.