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Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Dr Alice Lill named East Tallinn Central Hospital Doctor of the Year

During the sixteenth annual Employee of the Year competition designed to acknowledge outstanding employees, the title of Doctor of the Year went to the Head of the Centre of Internal Medicine Dr Alice Lill. This year, the appreciation gala took place online and for the first time ever it included the category of Team of the Year.

Alice Lill, ITK sisehaigustekeskuse juhataja, Aasta Arst 2020

"This working year has been a real roller coaster ride," said Dr Alice Lill looking back on the year. "I would have liked to have been recognised for my work with internal medicine as we have achieved quite a lot in this area as well, but in this situation it is clear that Covid takes the spotlight."

Annika Tiit-Vesingi, paediatrician-consultant of the Department of Neonatology, and Ellind Lind, lab doctor-head doctor of the haematology laboratory, were also mentioned by name.

Krista Tutt, Head of Nursing of the Centre of Internal Medicine, was named Nurse of the Year. She was also involved in the work of the Covid department. "The Covid pandemic continues to be the main focus of healthcare facilities, which makes recognition and acknowledgement all the more important," said Nurse of the Year Krista Tutt. Nursing coordinator Kerttu Michelson of the Eye Clinic and midwife Marge Ratas from the maternity ward were also recognised.

In addition to employees of the year, the fourth laureate of the Memorial Foundation of Dr Väino Tuppits, started by the Tuppits family in 2001, was also awarded during the gala and this time the winner was infection control doctor Aino Rõõm.

Team of the Year was introduced as a new category to recognise the people who have played a very important role in the work of the hospital in 2020 and been most preoccupied with solving the Covid crisis in the hospital. The Team of the Year includes the following employees: Head of the Clinic of Internal Medicine Dr Kai Sukles, Assistant in the Clinic of Internal Medicine Sinikka Jarinen, Head of Nursing in the Surgery Clinic Kristin Lichtfeldt, Head of the Department of Infection Control Dr Aleksei Nelovkov, Infection Control Consultant Doctor Dr Aino Rõõm, Head of the Women's Clinic Dr Brigita Tamm, Head of Midwifery in the Women's Clinic Vivian Arusaar, Chancellor Varje Pohlasalu, Executive Assistant Gerly Okkas, Head of the Central Laboratory Dr Liisa Kuhi, Director of the Purchasing Department Katriin Alasoo and Head of Customer Service Lea Karik.

In addition, acknowledgement was given to the Carer of the Year (carer Viktoria Raadik in the Centre of Spinal Surgery), Clinical Specialist of the Year (pharmacy manager Ülle Helena Meren), Non-Clinical Specialist of the Year (social worker Marika Lass in the Maternity Counselling Centre), Secretary of the Year (secretary Liia Madisson in the Eye Clinic), Customer Service Representative of the Year (Eerika Pall) and Cleaning Personnel of the Year (Elena Suglobova).

Security officer Hendrik Ilisson working in the emergency care unit of the Women's Clinic, TalTech professor Tauno Otto and AS Chemi-Pharm were named Partners of the Year.

People who defended their doctoral thesis this year were also mentioned: Dr Kristiina Ojamaa (doctoral thesis on "Epidemiology of gynecological cancers in Estonia"), Dr Maarja Hallik ("Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of inotropic drugs in neonates") and clinical pharmacist Kairi Marlen Antonia ("Inappropriate administration of medicinal products in patients with reduced renal function").

East Tallinn Central Hospital awarded a bonus for the medical record description published in the journal Eesti Arst in 2019 titled Põrna rebend – vastsündinu hemolüütilise tõve harva esinev eluohtlik tüsistus. Haigusjuht ja kirjanduse ülevaade (Spleen eruption – a rare complication of the hemolytic disease of the newborn. Medical records and literature review) (Authors: Imbi Eelmäe, Hans-Erik Ehrlich, Reet Kikas, Eda-Ann Värimäe, Mare Lintrop, Liis Salumäe, Tuuli Metsvaht).