Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Individual infant swimming

Infant swimming strengthens the child’s skeletal and muscular system, improves joint mobility, relieves muscular tension and develops body flexibility. The water environment calms the baby and helps them relax.

In an individual swimming lesson, the baby learns how to float on water, move on their back or belly, jump into water and practise their diving reflex.

During their first session, we recommend that the baby remains in water for up to 15 minutes. Afterwards, we try to gradually increase the time in the water.

In general, we recommend 1–3 individual sessions for beginners before joining a group session. This gives your child enough time to get used to the water. Take your baby swimming starting from their second month. For individual sessions we await babies weighing up to 7 kg. For group swimming we await up to 8-month-old babies (this takes place in the Järve unit).

For the baby, bring a swimming nappy and a hand towel, and for yourself, an extra shirt and bath slippers.

Duration: depending on how the child is feeling, 15–30 minutes

The service is paid.