Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Check-up examination after thyroid cancer radioiodine treatment (with the termination of thyroxine use)

The check-up examination shall be performed no later than within 6 months after the thyroid radioiodine treatment.

The procedure consists of a doctor’s appointment, administering a radioiodine capsule in a diagnostic dose, and scanning the whole body within 48 hours as well as a three-dimensional SPET/CT recording of the cervical-thoracic region to assess the efficiency of the radioiodine treatment. When you come to the examination, you should not have taken the thyroid hormone thyroxine for the previous 4 weeks and have been on a low-iodine diet for 3 weeks.

The check-up examination shall be conducted in an outpatient setting, the patient shall not be hospitalised.