Service of social rehabilitation

In the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East Tallinn Central Hospital, we provide a social rehabilitation service (SRS), which is directed for the support of people with a disability or with restricted ability to work in coping with everyday life. The goal of SRS is to teach and develop everyday life skills, increase the opportunities for participating in social life, support learning and prepare for working. 

You are eligible for SRS if your need for rehabilitation has been evaluated and the Social Insurance Board has established the need for the service.

We offer SRS at the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation of East Tallinn Central Hospital for patients with limb amputations.

The premise for the success of the rehabilitation service is always the active participation of the individual themselves, which is why passive procedures such as massage, treatment bath, salt chamber, cryotherapy, etc., are not included in the rehabilitation services.

SRS is a complex service, which means that a person has multiple problems which cannot be solved with single services (such as a sponsor or rehabilitative care) but need the involvement of specialists of multiple specialities (rehabilitation team).

For the achievement of SRS goals, the following services are offered if necessary.

  • Occupational therapist’s service
  • Social worker service
  • Psychologist service
  • Speech therapist service
  • Physiotherapist service
  • Physician service
  • Nurse service

Services are provided both individually as well as for a family or in a group.

NB! Physician and nurse services are consultative and do not include services related to treatment, such as diagnosing, compilation of a treatment plan, prescribing prescriptions, performing treatment procedures or issuing referral letters to specialist doctors or examinations.

Treatment, including rehabilitative care, is not social rehabilitation. In the case of the need for treatment and rehabilitative care, please contact your GP or specialist physician.

East Tallinn Central Hospital does not provide social rehabilitation services with accommodation.

Registration for the service of social rehabilitation is made on the basis of an eligible referral decision issued by the Social Insurance Board case manager.