Good to know

Rules of the queue

The patient is referred to the nursing care unit by a family doctor or a medical specialist from home, a hospital or a social welfare institution. The prerequisite for being added to the queue is a properly completed referral letter. The requirements for a referral letter are defined in the Minister of Social Affairs decree "Conditions and procedures of documenting healthcare services and preserving the said documents" (in Estonian).

Patients who require nursing care based on their referral letter will be added to the inpatient nursing care queue.

Info line: 677 1820

Arriving at the hospital

Patients are hospitalised between 08:00-14:00 on working days. If a patient is referred to nursing care unit from the East Tallinn Central Hospital's acute care or rehabilitation unit then the hospital organises the transportation. If a patient comes from home, another hospital or a nursing home, the transportation is organised by the patient or their loved one. It is recommended that the patient is accompanied to the hospital. Once the patient arrives at the hospital, they sign a contract for nursing service provision.

The following items should be taken along to the hospital:

  • Valid identity document
  • Results of the latest tests and analyses
  • Closed-heel footwear with non-slip soles
  • Personal toiletries
  • Daily medications in their original containers and prescribed aids (e.g. hearing aid, orthosis, ostomy care products, urinary catheter, blood glucose meter test strips).

We recommend that you do not take large amounts of money or valuables with you to the hospital. During your stay at the hospital, we will ask you to wear the clothes provided by the hospital. We recommend you store your documents, cash and valuables with the hospital for safekeeping. Storing and withdrawal will be documented. The hospital is not responsible for objects (including clothes) that are not stored for safekeeping.

Patient contribution for inpatient nursing care

The contribution of a patient of inpatient nursing care is 15% of the inpatient fee established by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. 85% of the fee will be covered by the Health Insurance Fund if the patient is covered by health insurance. One day's worth of inpatient fee covers the costs of nursing procedures, treatments and a limited number of laboratory tests.

The patient's contribution is paid at least ten days in advance on the basis of an invoice. The service can be paid for at our registry in cash or as a card payment, and it is also possible to pay the invoice by bank transfer. Should the treatment end earlier than planned, the prepaid sum shall be returned on the basis of an application.

Visiting inpatients

Visiting hours at Järve unit

  • Visiting on working days from 15:00-19:00
  • Visiting on rest days from 12:00-16:00

Please visit patients during the scheduled visiting hours. Departments have the right to establish a special visiting arrangement if necessary.

  • Food bought for patients can be stored in the unit's fridge if the package also has the patient's name and their ward number written on it. The staff has the right to dispose of food that is unmarked and past its “best before” date.
  • We certainly recommend that you consult a nurse or a doctor before bringing any food to a patient.
  • We kindly ask you to respect our patients' privacy during medical procedures. The presence of unauthorised personnel is allowed only upon the patient's agreement. Should you wish to participate in the patient's care, we ask you to notify the unit's nurse or caregiver who will help and instruct you.
  • While at the hospital, we ask you to behave in a manner that does not endanger our patients' security, dignity or privacy and maintain peace and quiet.
  • It is forbidden to smoke or consume alcohol on hospital premises, which is why bringing patients tobacco and alcohol products is strictly forbidden.