Urine specimen collection

First morning urine

  • You must not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before collecting the urine specimen
  • The time between last urination and collecting the urine specimen must be at least 4 hours
  • Wash your hands and genitals with pure water (don’t use soap or any disinfecting liquids), before collecting the specimen
  • Mark the container and collect midstream urine (begin urinating into the toilet, then place the collection container into stream and collect about 50 ml urine, finish urinating into the toilet) 
  • Retain the specimen between +2° and +8° C, if possible and deliver it to the collection site within 3 hours

Collection of first stream urine sample

The first stream urine is collected for the DNA tests of sexually transmitted pathogens.

At least two hours must have passed since the last urination. It is recommended to collect the first morning urine.

To collect a urine sample, you have been given a sample cup (with a blue lid) and a vacuum tube (with a beige cap). Do not remove the cap from the vacuum tube

  • Remove the lid from the sample cup and place it within your reach without touching the interior.
  • Urinate 10-50 mL (up to half a cup) of first stream urine (the beginning of the urine stream) into the test cup. Screw the lid of the cup tightly.
  • Partially open the protective sticker on the sample cup. Push the vacuum tube, with the cap part in front, into the bottom of the opening in the lid of the cup. Hold the tube in place until the flow of urine stops. Seal the sample cup opening again with the sticker.
  • Pour the remaining urine from the sample cup into the toilet bowl and throw the cup into the household waste.
  • Bring the sample tube to the laboratory within the same day.

 24-hour urine specimen

  • Urinate into the toilet, flush it down and mark the exact starting time on the container
  • From now on, collect every drop you pass during the day and night, for 24 hours into the container
  • Retain the specimen between +2° and +8° C
  • Finish the collection to container by passing urine at exactly the same time the next morning