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Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Face masks required


In response to the growing spread of viral diseases, face masks are now mandatory for all patients, their escorts or any other visitors entering the hospital for planned or emergency care. Visitors must wear a mask for the duration of their stay in the hospital, including when meeting with a loved one.

Maski joonistus

If you feel sick, stay home! Do not come for your appointment, test, procedure, or to visit a loved one if you have symptoms of a viral infection (cough, cold, fever). You can report your illness by calling 666 1900. Contact us again when you are well and we will help you find a new appointment time that is convenient for you.

Children up to 14 years old and patients with physical disabilities are allowed to be accompanied in the hospital (except for inpatient and day care). The patient's escort is required to comply with the hospital's regulations.

Face masks and hand sanitizer are available at all of the hospital's exterior doors. Face masks are also provided in examination/appointment rooms and inpatient departments. The hospital has the right to refuse to provide medical services if a face mask is not worn.

More information about the hospital's organisational changes in connection with the spread of viral diseases.