One reckless person affects more than 100 others


Coming in for an appointment when you are ill means that 100 other people will have to cancel theirs. In the worst-case scenario, you may infect your doctor, causing them to stay at home for two weeks, meaning that another 300 patients will have to have their appointments cancelled.

Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla

The number of appointments for one doctor per week is a little over 100 patients and seeing a COVID-positive patient will put that doctor in self-isolation and at least 100 people will need to postpone their appointments. "This number may increase further if an examination is performed, as this will also cause the nurse to self-isolate," says East Tallinn Central Hospital Head of Customer Service Lea Karik. "This also jeopardises any colleagues they come into contact with as well as other patients who may, for example, be waiting outside the office."

Please remember that if you are experiencing symptoms of a viral disease (cough, rhinitis, fever), do not come for appointments, examinations or procedures. Call 666 1900 to notify us of your illness or cancel the appointment through the Patient Portal. Contact us again when you are better and we will help find you a new appointment slot. If you should fall ill, also notify your family physician as soon as possible or call the family physician helpline 1220.

"We are sure to find a new time slot for an appointment within a reasonable time," Karik assures. "Let us be responsible and look out for ourselves and others."