We learnt about the possible applications of telepresence robots

Janika Leoste

On June 20, representatives from the East Tallinn Central Hospital had a meeting with the Creativity Matters IT didactics research group at the TalTech IT College. At the meeting, they learnt about the Double 3 telepresence robot and had a discussion regarding the possible applications of such types of robots in hospitals and polyclinics.

A telepresence robot is a communication device that's remotely controlled, equipped with a camera, a screen and it can move around. Head of the research group, Janika Leoste, explains in further detail: "The first impression is that the robot resembles a tablet computer on wheels that can be controlled online exactly like a remote control car. A telepresence robot is useful in situations where a person is unable to or cannot enter a certain room (e.g. they are in a different location physically), but they still need to be in immediate communication with another individual. For example, it would be possible to use the robots in intensive care, for patients in isolation, for monitoring the administration of drugs, for relatives to be able to visit patients or for patients to be consulted remotely."

The next meeting will be held in August to work together with researchers from the IT didactics research group regarding potential robot implementation scenarios in hospital conditions. In autumn, a joint seminar for hospital employees will be held in which they will demonstrate the developed scenarios and employees can try their hand at controlling the robots.

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