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What Matters to You Day Hospitals join voices in asking: “What matters to you?”

Patsiendipäev Ida-Tallinna Keskhaiglas

9 June marks the international “What matters to you?” Day (WMTY), also known as Patient Day (patsiendipäev) in Estonian. WMTY is celebrated with Pärnu Hospital, Tartu University Hospital and Ida-Viru Central Hospital. Just as more than 800 healthcare institutions around the world ask people what matters to them, Estonian hospitals pose the same question to their patients.

The point and purpose of the WMTY Day is to encourage all hospital employees to talk to patients more and listen to what they have to say. Hospitals prioritise the individual, whether it be patients or their loved ones, and everyone should have the opportunity to have a say in their own treatment as well as express any concerns and fears they may have.

Instead of asking patients what is the matter with them, we should ask what matters to them. This way, patients can express what they want to be different. Open communication also contributes to more comprehensive and clearer treatment plans. Asking what matters to patients gives us a better understanding of their wishes and allows us to plan their treatment journey. It is also important that we remember to listen to patients every day. Listening is an integral part of professional communication on behalf of healthcare professionals.

From 6 to 12 June, we invite everyone to have a say and share their story. Hospitals collect information directly from patients and openly invite people to answer questions on Facebook or the hospitals’ websites. The feedback collected during WMTY or Patient Week will help hospitals improve the quality of their services in the future. Every person’s feedback and input is very important to us.

Celebrating WMTY Day started in Norway in 2014. It has grown into a global movement of healthcare institutions with more than 800 organisations asking their patients “What matters to you?” this year.

If you have ever been a patient at East Tallinn Central Hospital, Pärnu Hospital, Tartu University Hospital or Ida-Viru Central Hospital, join us on social media and have a say: “What matters to you?”.