Scheduling a paid appointment

Our hospital is offering paid appointments in the following cases:

  • a patient is seeking an appointment with a specialist without a referral letter, but a referral is required
  • a patient is seeking a medical service which is not financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (Tervisekassa)
  • a patient is seeking to undergo a test or procedure (except for X-rays) without a referral letter
  • a patient is seeking faster health service and wants to avoid waiting lists
  • a patient is not covered by health insurance
  • a patient asks for specific conditions during the provision of their health service (e.g. a family suite, private room

To get an appointment with a specialist, you need to book an appointment in advance:

You can also request a paid service by filling out the following form. Our customer service will get back to you within two working days by e-mail or phone. If the appointment time offered by e-mail does not suit you, please call (+372) 666 1900 (Monday to Friday 07:15-18:00). If the information provided or an e-mail address is incorrect, the appointment time will be cancelled.

If the patient, whether or not insured, makes an appointment for a paid visit and is assigned tests or procedures during the visit or admitted for inpatient care, except in cases involving emergency care, the patient shall be charged for all the services provided according to the price list.

Before booking your appointment, be sure to check out the price list for paid services.

More information: General terms and conditions for the provision of health care services

Scheduling a paid appointment

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