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The hospital celebrates Patient Safety Day

The focus of Patient Safety Day this year is on the safety of health workers. To show the appreciation and respect of medical personnel, orange balloons are displayed in the foyers of East Tallinn Central Hospital.

Patsiendiohutuse päev

Patient Safety Day this year carries the slogan „Safe Health Workers – Safe Patients“ and draws attention to the fact that a safer work environment for health workers grants a safer environment for patients. In order to thank medical personnel, medical facilities are decorated with the color orange.

Grethel Tarmas, Head of Midwifery at the Maternity Center says that for her, a safe work environment means first and foremost having an ergonomical work environment with appropriate room temperature, lighting, and furniture, taking into account the nature, needs and specialties of the work.

„A safe work environment must guarantee the availability of sufficient choices for personal protective equipment without the worker needing to rack their brain regarding what to use,“ says Tarmas. „However, a safe work environment also means that the worker needs to look in the mirror and ask what they t h e m s e l v e s can do so that they and their colleagues would have a good work environment – this also influences the dealings with patients.“

The workers at the Nursing Clinic highlight that a safe work environment is an infection free environment and a patient who is not dangerous to personnel and themselves, but not only. „It is also a good team, people being respectful and helpful towards each other. Also, appropriate rooms and correct placement of items, availability of necessary equipment,“ says dr Raivo Kolle.

The carer Mare Vaiksaar and nurses Ivi Mäemurd, Reet Peeterson  and Ruth Pärs at the Nursing Clinic state that largely, everything starts with each and every worker themselves: noticing problems, responsible behaviour, correct work technique and, regarding the patient, good treatment results. „Preventing the spread of infections requires fulfilling the infection control requirements, annual vaccinations, staying at home when feeling ill,“ they point out.

In today’s situation, the hospital’s infection control department recommends avoiding mass events, using a face mask in public transport, disinfecting hands, and keeping distance from other people.

Tarmas points out that everybody can help in making the work environment safer. „Anybody can inform when something suspicious is noticed – this means first and foremost appliances, technology, furniture, and such.“

The hospital’s Crisis Counsel,  Enn Eberg, reckons that one must trust the existing awareness in the organisation, together follow the established norms, and dare to speak about the impediments. „What is important, is being open about giving and receiving feedback. All out services are in connection with patients and for their good. The safer and more people-centered our work environment is, the more comfortable and safer is also our client,“ says Eberg.