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New office for the oldest Ear-Nose-Throat Centre in Northern Estonia

The East Tallinn Central Hospital Ear-Nose-Throat Centre, which was located at Ravi street for 80 years, has now moved from its former location and today opened its new rooms in the hospital’s Magdaleena unit.


“Outpatient care, day care and in-patient care are now all on the same floor,” says Head of the Centre Dr Mare Kalvet, who assures that all the rooms meet modern standards. “We now have the up-to-date equipment needed to perform all examinations in one place. This is good news for people, who no longer have to run from one location to the next.”

The oldest Hearing Centre in Northern Estonia will also move from Ravi Street to the Tõnismäe Outpatient Clinic. “It is very important for our Hearing Centre to offer parallel consultations by hearing specialists as well as ENT doctors who counsel people on issues related to hearing loss,” says Kalvet. “The majority of people who need hearing aids are elderly people and the Tõnismäe Outpatient Clinic is easy to access with public transportation.”

The telephone numbers of the Ear-Nose-Throat Centre as well as the Hearing Centre will remain the same. “The address will change but not the telephone numbers, and the conditions will improve for everyone,” says Dr Kalvet.

The East Tallinn Central Hospital Ear-Nose-Throat Centre has been located at Ravi Street for nearly 80 years and the Hearing Centre has been located in the same place for over 60 years, making it the largest and oldest centre of its kind located in a medical institution in Northern Estonia.

The ENT Centre offers diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services for adults and children with ear-nose-throat disorders. The Centre comprises outpatient appointments for ear-nose-throat disorders, ambulatory surgery, in-patient treatment, a functional voice disorders unit, an office for subjective hearing tests for infants and toddlers, a balance disorders office in the Magdaleena unit and Hearing Centre and outpatient appointments at the Tõnismäe Outpatient Clinic.

The Hearing Centre handles people with hearing disabilities: fitting and inserting hearing aids, counselling and configuration of hearing aids. Doctors-laryngologists work alongside speech therapists in the Voice Disorders Unit. The Unit uses state-of-the-art videoendoscopic apparatus for diagnosing throat and vocal fold disorders. As of 2013, East Tallinn Central Hospital is Estonia’s functional voice disorders treatment centre that meets international standards and performs active research.