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Study to become a radiology technician in Tallinn


Tartu Health Care College will be offering radiology technician training in Tallinn from autumn 2022, providing education for healthcare specialists where they are most needed. Tartu Health Care College is the only educational institute in Estonia that trains radiology technicians.

From autumn this year, the programme will be available in East Tallinn Central Hospital and West Tallinn Central Hospital in addition to Tartu. There will be 16 positions at both hospitals in total, and up to four externship positions, if needed. Most of the training will take place in the hospitals in Tallinn or as online lectures. Students will spend up to 20 days at Tartu Health Care College throughout the programme. The duration of the programme is 3.5 years, until 2026.

East Tallinn Central Hospital had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the programme in Tallinn.

Ande Pinnar, Head of Nursing at the Centre of Radiology, says students will have the opportunity to become part of the radiology team right away.

“Radiology is an exciting, complex and fast-developing field,” says Director of the Diagnostic Clinic Dr Aleksandr Šamarin. “In order to support the general development of the hospital and increase the number of much-needed radiology technicians, we need new colleagues we can teach within this project.”

“Students will be able to learn about the radiology technician profession in a hospital environment and start working in a radiology centre after completing their first courses,” says Helen Vipp-Mitt, Head of Nursing at the ETCH Diagnostics Clinic. “Our experienced technicians are looking forward to meeting their future colleagues to show them how exciting the work of a radiology technician is and give them all the necessary knowledge for their professional development.”

Both hospitals support students with a scholarship and with compensation for transportation and accommodation costs for classes in Tartu as well as various training opportunities and discounts within the hospital.

You can submit your application to the radiology technician programme at the Tartu Health Care College from 13-29 June 2022. More information at

 A radiology technician is a healthcare support specialist who performs radiodiagnostic procedures using technological equipment, such as X-ray or CT scans, or various radiotherapeutic treatment procedures, such as laser treatment, in order to promote and maintain people’s health and diagnose illnesses.