Postoperative cataract care

The purpose of this leaflet is to provide patients with recommendations for the postoperative period of cataract surgery.

After cataract surgery:

  • you may experience eye irritation, mild redness and watery eyes;

  • avoid catching a cold;

  • keep the eye clean and wash the eyelids and eyelashes with caution;

  • use a sterile cotton pad moistened with boiled and cooled water to clean the eye;

  • avoid getting the fibres of the cotton pad in the eye;

  • do not press on the operated eye;

  • avoid getting water in the eye while showering or washing your hair.

After cataract surgery, the eye needs follow-up treatment with eye drops:

  • 5 times a day in for the first week;

  • 4 times a day in for the second week;

  • 3 times a day in for the third week;

  • 2 times a day in for the fourth week;

  • once a day in for the fifth week.

From the sixth week onwards, eye drops must be instilled in the eye, which can be purchased over the counter from a pharmacy.

To administer eye drops:

  • wash your hands;

  • tilt your head back or lie down;

  • bring the bottle close to the eye;

  • look up and pull down the lower lid;

  • press the bottle gently to release one drop;

  • do not allow the tip of the bottle to touch the eye;

  • close your eyes and blink a few times.

If necessary, ask someone to help you administer the eye drops.

For two weeks after cataract surgery, you should avoid:

  • working in a bending position;

  • lifting weights over 3 kg;

  • steam saunas;

  • taking hot baths.

After cataract surgery, you are allowed to:

  • watch TV and use a computer within reasonable limits;

  • read;

  • go for a walk;

  • do light housework and needlework at home;

  • take a shower.

Contact the Centre of Emergency Medicine of East Tallinn Central Hospital (Ravi 18, Tallinn) as soon as you experience:

  • sudden deterioration of eyesight;

  • pain in the eye;

  • severe redness in the operated eye.


This information material has been approved by the Eye clinic on 01.01.2024.